Fourier Analysis
Lecture Notes by Y. Iwai

Last updated: Mon, 24-Jul-2017

Lecture Notes(2017 school year) Schedule (PDF),How to write Portfolio (PDF) (Sorry in Japanese.)

Lecture 01(10/05)Mathematical basics (PDF)
Lecture 02(10/12)Periodic functions and Fourier Series (PDF)
Lecture 03(10/19)Convergence theorem of Fourier series and complex Fourier series
Lecture 04(10/26)Best approximation of function (PDF)
Lecture 05(11/02)Bessels's inequality and Parseval's identity
Lecture 06(11/09)Intermediate exam. (Fourier Series)
Lecture 07(11/16)Fourier integral (PDF)
Lecture 08(11/21)Fourier cosine integral, Fourier sine integral
Lecture 09(12/07)Characteristics of Fourier transform (PDF)
Lecture 10(12/14)Fourier integral and Laplace transform
Lecture 11(12/21)Intermediate exam. (Fourier integral)
Lecture 12(01/11)Laplace transform for various functions (PDF)
Lecture 13(01/18)Basic theorem of Laplace transform
Lecture 14(01/25)Inverse Laplace transform (PDF)
Lecture 15(02/01)Application of Laplace transform (PDF)
Lecture 16(02/??)Final exam. (Mainly, Laplace transform)