Face Recognition using Classified Appearance-based Quotient Image



We propose a new method for synthesizing an illumination normalized image from a face image including diffuse reflection, specular reflection, attached shadow and cast shadow. The method is derived from the Self-Quotient Image (SQI) [14] which is defined by the ratio of albedo at the pixel value to a locally smoothed pixel value. However, the SQI is not synthesized from an image containing shadows or specular reflections. Since these regions correspond to areas of high or low albedo, they cannot be discriminated from diffuse reflection by using only a single image. To classify the appearances, we utilize a simple model defined by a number of basis images which represent diffuse reflection on a generic face. Through experimental results we show the effectiveness of this method for face identification on the Yale Face Database B and on a real-world database, using only a single image for each individual in training.


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